Peter and the Starcatcher Captures Your Heart and Makes Your Sides Ache

I was so thrilled when I received an invitation from Culture Mom Media to see Peter and the Starcatcher since it’s a show I’ve been wanting to see for a long time (it’s the winner of 5 Tony Awards and has recently moved from Broadway to Off-Broadway). Brilliantly written, directed, acted and produced, this adult prequel to Peter Pan, is the ultimate theatre treat from beginning to end. As an actress, it’s no secret that I’m a theatre snob, but the reality is there is just not that much great theatre around anymore. Starcatcher is a refreshing exception, proving again, that sometimes the best theatre is the simplest and the most under produced.


Peter and the Starcatcher is an adventure on the high seas based on the book by the same name by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. A no-named orphan boy (soon to be “Peter” and ultimately “Peter Pan”) meets a new friend, Molly. Together, along with their two orphan friends (“The Lost Boys”), they fight to prevail over pirates (including “Captain Black Stache”) in hopes of keeping their treasure safe. The story manages to answer many questions leading up to the Peter Pan story we all know and love like how Neverland got its name, how Captain Hook lost his hand, why the crocodile ticks, etc. and it’s fun to hear the audible “Oh”’s throughout the audience as these discoveries are made.

The show is nothing short of brilliant. Armed with an amazing script that enhances the familiar story, witty puns, best of the biz actors, and creative direction, Peter and the Starcatcher does not have any weak spots. The lack of sets, props and costumes actually adds to the charm and ingenuity of the production. Best of all, the show is hysterically funny. The kind of wail out loud funny for two hours. My husband and I were literally poking each other dying with laughter for the entire length of the show. The funniest of funny was positively “Black Stache” who even manages to crack up the other actors at various times throughout the show.

Peter and the Starcatcher is definitely an adult show so it’s the perfect opportunity for a date night! In fact, go to dinner after – you’ll actually talk about something other than the kids. Promise! The theatre is the perfect intimate setting and they even serve you “adult” drinks in your seats! We can’t wait to see it again. An absolutely enchanting, inspiring, and hysterically funny evening at the theatre.

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